time to play catch up ….

ok, well last week was a bit of a bust with all the crazy ailments that can bring kids down … didn’t stop us from trying pins, but the sickies make it a little difficult for mama to post about them (guess i’m still getting used to updating) … in any case … here’s the run down on our pins accomplished!

i think you’re gonna like this …. i was pinspired by the crabs and the other handimals i previously linked to but it wasn’t *quite* what i was going for … i wanted something that screamed less “these are my kids handprints” and more of something that can really stand on it’s own as well …. i started off by trying to find a place to display our “masterpiece” … the conclusion was that daddy’s office (slash guest room) would be the best place for it …. the space on the wall behind the wall bed seemed like the perfect spot … using the bedding for inspiration i decided to make hula girl hand prints! (i have always loved this bedding – pottery barn kids island surf line)

i used this quilt square for my primary inspiration …
now i ran into a little trouble with baby boy’s print … (the lime print to the right of the tallest hula girl) … when getting the print of a 17 month old, you really need an extra person to help and even then it’s still not as easy to direct … so i had to be creative … baby boy’s prints are on the canvas just, not masquerading as hula girls … 😉

and here’s the finished piece …. the official first pin completed, pinned and posted!

slowly but surely hoping to get the party pins posted too ….


who said kids don’t get sick during the summer?

i think that’s the general thought anyways, or so my pediatrician said … after the hustle and bustle of trying to get things ready for #3’s party and father’s day my kids have been popping up with spots, barking coughs and now inevitably a fever …. literally, #2 seemingly all of a sudden got spots … today they were confirmed to be a modified chicken pox, meaning since my kids have all had the chicken pox vax she is in the 5% chance break through category … it’s fine b/c in reality her spots aren’t bothering her in the least, she’s not febrile and if she didn’t have a shirt on you wouldn’t ever know she was sick … but we ARE quarantined ’til at least thursday …. the other kids probably won’t catch them since they’ve also been immunized, but #3 has had a mildly croupish cough for 2 nights … very mild though and generally acting well … but of course #4 just started to feel feverish … why? who knows b/c he seems fine otherwise … that being said, i’m just not feeling like getting to post about all the completed pins from last week …

dinner tonight however is pinspired …. (good thing i picked up a block of mizithra two wks ago … if i didn’t have it i wouldn’t have much to make dinner with) …. have you tried the brown butter mizithra pasta at old spaghetti factory? it’s a favorite of ours though i haven’t made in a long time … gonna make it for a quick and easy supper ….

Source: harvest.org via Elsea on Pinterest

hopefully i’ll get to posting all the good stuff from last week this week while we’re quarantined …. and then we’ll see what else i can dig up on pinterest to keep us occupied ….. =)


so yesterday was *officially* day 1 ….

… we got started on our father’s day pin project but didn’t finish … handprint art in the works … hand print hula girls for that matter =) …. so while i was pinspired to do a handprint project, we ended up doing our own thing … the crab animals just weren’t working for me …. i’ll share when it’s done ….

also … cakes are a-baking …. supply lists are a-making to go shopping for the next pins …. (mostly for the frosting ingredients for the bucket cakes and maybe to get stuff to make seahorse cookie favors)

Source: flickr.com via Elsea on Pinterest


it’s gonna be a busy day!  gotta get started … so ’til then ….. peace out ….


time to figure out the birthday cake(s)

gotta love doing “research” on pinterest for party stuff …. #3’s birthday party is on saturday and after her homemade (and rather fancy) rapunzel cake from last year, well, we are now into the expectation for another high maintenance cake … i am really blessed to have a future sil who is great at baking … i don’t have the patience or baking “skills” to do the actual baking, but i can usually do the decorating and enjoy that part … so that makes us a pretty good team and we’ve turned out a few really nice looking and yummy cakes …. anyways … #3’s party is at a sea themed party place so i went to my cake board to browse cakes … so here’s what i’m thinking …. since we actually have to TAKE cake for 40 people to the venue (i have NO idea how it got so large since we don’t usually do outside parties) and since between the two of us we only have 8″ rounds and 9×13 pans (i know, laugh), i am thinking beach bucket cakes! easy to port and should be easy to serve … plus we can make different flavors!

Source: rookno17.com via Elsea on Pinterest

so little girl wants a chocolate cake … so i’m thinking we can do a mint chocolate chip frosting for one bucket … i have been wanting to try this cake for a while since mint choco chip has been a favorite ice cream flavor of mine since forever ago … 😉

… for the second cake bucket i am thinking a S’MORES type ensemble …. mmmm …. there are soooo many different variations of s’mores cakes and treats on pinterest …. these are the ones i’m contemplating the most ….


i’m not sure yet if we’ll need a third cake bucket but i’m leaning towards a non-chocolate option for those *gasp* non-chocolate people …. which do you think sounds better? cinnamon toast crunch cake …

or a refreshing lemon cake?

Source: myrecipes.com via Elsea on Pinterest

now this one really isn’t an option but it’s so adorable so i just have to share it in case anybody else is pinspired to make it …. i don’t think it’d make the best bucket cake so it doesn’t make the cut this time ….

anyways … that’s all the pin chatter … school is officially out so this pinpossible mission is really about to start … even my 8 year old is really getting excited about it and has a few projects she wants me to search to pin and add to our to-do list …. so i guess let’s get this party started, right? =) wooooohooooo it’s SUMMERTIME!!!!


wow, this is going to be harder than i thought ….

… i haven’t had a chance to try and update here since i originally set up the site …. with #3’s birthday last week, end of school events and festivities it has been hard carving out the time to post … well, i better try harder to get this things started … counter says 18 hours to go ’til we start ….

i figure i’ll start off with father’s day pins … i had no idea it was THIS sunday … #3’s birthday party is this saturday so we’re really going to have to work to get things ready for both celebrations ….

ok so on that note, possible father’s day pins ….

there’s the hand print art idea … we’ve done footprint/handprints on mini canvases for previous father’s days so that’s a possibility ….

Source: etsy.com via Elena on Pinterest

sea theme might be nice … 4 little crabbies?

i’ve always wanted to create some fun hoop art … but i’m not sure father’s day would be the best time for it ….

cute and simple … notepad block he could keep at work …

probably too late for me to orchestrate and print good photos for this idea … but still, very cute and doable …

if i had alot of money to buy alot of new ties, i think this would be super cute as a gift … otherwise it might make for some fun decor with old ties, but let’s face it … i am pretty certain my hubby wouldn’t appreciate a wreath much … LOL … but a cute idea nonetheless ….

so what are YOU making or doing for that special father in your life? would love to hear … any ideas of suggestions are also quite appreciated! =)