PROFILE: agent elseasea

hi there! pin agent elseasea, aka elsea, elle, elizabeth, EE, E2 here … most well known alias: M A M A … some ramblings about me to get you acquainted …..

i reside in the beautiful OC, super blessed stay at home mama to 4 kidlets – 3 girls with baby boy trailing … i love jesus … i love my husband … i love that i’m blessed to have my family close by … i have a fine arts major which basically means i got to dabble in this and that – photography (the film kind), graphics, painting, litho, etc. … i grew up with a family that was in apparel manufacture … i love that the beach is only 20 mins away and that i get a nice breeze coming through my home from open windows … i love rainbows and rainbow colors and rainbow brite but my favoritest colors just spread the gamut between turquoise and aqua … that’s the slice of the color wheel that speaks to me most … my wedding color was tiffany blue, one of my girls is named tiffany, and i have since painted my beaten brown upright piano the same shade of blue, or moreso, aqua … once that piano went blue everyone was a little concerned because everything that was plain and ordinary started to turn a shade of blue …. sometimes i wish i could be a mermaid … i had a poster of ariel in my bedroom and wished i could sing like her and live under the sea and have beautiful red hair …. i think seahorses are just too cute and i love to eat crab … i enjoy eating, not so much the cooking process but take it as my duty to try and feed my children good food while expanding their palettes … sushi and japanese soupy noodles are a fave of mine … as are coconuts, anything dark chocolate and hawaiian shaved ice with sweetened condensed milk … i love to dance and in my former life i was a gymnast … i am now raising a gymnast which is fascinating for me …… did i mention i like to paint? i’m eager to try out chalkboard paint … i’ve got some ugly brassy gold tone fixtures in my 1980’s bathroom that are begging to stop being an eyesore …. i like stripes … i like to paint my nails – they are like tiny little canvases …. i like creating apparel and doodled fashion figures and clothes all the time … 60’s-70’s speak to me in terms of style … yes, orange, avocado green, hippie, flower power, tie-dye and even orange shag carpet ….. i sometimes lament that my husband doesn’t share the same like of things orange, green and vintage but then again it’s probably a good thing since actually having anything orange shag would in actuality probably not translate to cool … blessed that he at least humors his artistic wife in the blue paint frenzy ….

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