time to play catch up ….

ok, well last week was a bit of a bust with all the crazy ailments that can bring kids down … didn’t stop us from trying pins, but the sickies make it a little difficult for mama to post about them (guess i’m still getting used to updating) … in any case … here’s the run down on our pins accomplished!

i think you’re gonna like this …. i was pinspired by the crabs and the other handimals i previously linked to but it wasn’t *quite* what i was going for … i wanted something that screamed less “these are my kids handprints” and more of something that can really stand on it’s own as well …. i started off by trying to find a place to display our “masterpiece” … the conclusion was that daddy’s office (slash guest room) would be the best place for it …. the space on the wall behind the wall bed seemed like the perfect spot … using the bedding for inspiration i decided to make hula girl hand prints! (i have always loved this bedding – pottery barn kids island surf line)

i used this quilt square for my primary inspiration …
now i ran into a little trouble with baby boy’s print … (the lime print to the right of the tallest hula girl) … when getting the print of a 17 month old, you really need an extra person to help and even then it’s still not as easy to direct … so i had to be creative … baby boy’s prints are on the canvas just, not masquerading as hula girls … 😉

and here’s the finished piece …. the official first pin completed, pinned and posted!

slowly but surely hoping to get the party pins posted too ….


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