who said kids don’t get sick during the summer?

i think that’s the general thought anyways, or so my pediatrician said … after the hustle and bustle of trying to get things ready for #3’s party and father’s day my kids have been popping up with spots, barking coughs and now inevitably a fever …. literally, #2 seemingly all of a sudden got spots … today they were confirmed to be a modified chicken pox, meaning since my kids have all had the chicken pox vax she is in the 5% chance break through category … it’s fine b/c in reality her spots aren’t bothering her in the least, she’s not febrile and if she didn’t have a shirt on you wouldn’t ever know she was sick … but we ARE quarantined ’til at least thursday …. the other kids probably won’t catch them since they’ve also been immunized, but #3 has had a mildly croupish cough for 2 nights … very mild though and generally acting well … but of course #4 just started to feel feverish … why? who knows b/c he seems fine otherwise … that being said, i’m just not feeling like getting to post about all the completed pins from last week …

dinner tonight however is pinspired …. (good thing i picked up a block of mizithra two wks ago … if i didn’t have it i wouldn’t have much to make dinner with) …. have you tried the brown butter mizithra pasta at old spaghetti factory? it’s a favorite of ours though i haven’t made in a long time … gonna make it for a quick and easy supper ….

Source: harvest.org via Elsea on Pinterest

hopefully i’ll get to posting all the good stuff from last week this week while we’re quarantined …. and then we’ll see what else i can dig up on pinterest to keep us occupied ….. =)



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