wow, this is going to be harder than i thought ….

… i haven’t had a chance to try and update here since i originally set up the site …. with #3’s birthday last week, end of school events and festivities it has been hard carving out the time to post … well, i better try harder to get this things started … counter says 18 hours to go ’til we start ….

i figure i’ll start off with father’s day pins … i had no idea it was THIS sunday … #3’s birthday party is this saturday so we’re really going to have to work to get things ready for both celebrations ….

ok so on that note, possible father’s day pins ….

there’s the hand print art idea … we’ve done footprint/handprints on mini canvases for previous father’s days so that’s a possibility ….

Source: via Elena on Pinterest

sea theme might be nice … 4 little crabbies?

i’ve always wanted to create some fun hoop art … but i’m not sure father’s day would be the best time for it ….

cute and simple … notepad block he could keep at work …

probably too late for me to orchestrate and print good photos for this idea … but still, very cute and doable …

if i had alot of money to buy alot of new ties, i think this would be super cute as a gift … otherwise it might make for some fun decor with old ties, but let’s face it … i am pretty certain my hubby wouldn’t appreciate a wreath much … LOL … but a cute idea nonetheless ….

so what are YOU making or doing for that special father in your life? would love to hear … any ideas of suggestions are also quite appreciated! =)



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