school’s almost out!

with 8 more school days left before the end of the year, my days are numbered ’til my house is full and bustling with 4 little bodies all day, every day again … i need to start preparing myself for that constant stream of energy and have some sort of ideas stashed away to keep us busy and having fun enjoying the time together …. thank goodness for pinterest and how easily ideas are disseminated and tucked away for later use … it’s a DIY-ers resource haven for ideas and tutorials … crafters, sewers, painters, teachers, bakers, dreamers … searching and catalogging recipes, photography tips, photoshop tutorials, natural remedies, patterns, beauty tips, you name it …

lately, i’ve found myself really trying utilize my pins and have discovered how nice it is to have access to these ideas in a pinch … most have been pin-worthy and have proved to be as good as i’d hoped … so i’ve set up this blog to share some of these pins actualized (more or less, a p.s. i did this and it worked) and to challenge myself to be more creative and to be motivated to pull out my sewing machine more or finally do something with those embroidery hoops just collecting dust in my craft closet …. the kids will be home on break ’til september, basically 60 weekdays … feel free to join the challenge of a pin a day throughout the summer and share with me to complete my mission ….


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